David Wenning is VP North American Sales for Pole Star, whose NAO Campus indoor positioning solution has been implemented all over the world - Europe, North America and Asia - since 2008.
Chris Rezendes is the President of INEX Advisors, helping clients to define and select growth and investment opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).
Brendan Scully is a Senior Business Development Manager at Metaio, the leading augmented reality software company.
Scott Snyder is the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Mobiquity, a mobile engagement provider creating innovative solutions that drive business value.
Narayan Menon is Vice President - Innovation Labs at InterDigital, a wireless research and development company.
Anne Marie Stephen is Vice President Retail Sales and Customer Development at iInside, a 15 year old technology leader delivering Indoor Location Services.
Andy Hobsbawm is founder and CMO of Evrythng, a Web of Things software company, making products smart by connecting them to the Web.
Mike Loushine is the Director of the Emerging Mobile Technologies Group at Applied Communication Sciences.
Tony Falco is CEO and co-founder of Orchestrate, a simple, RESTful API service that eliminates the need for developers to operate their own databases in production.
Doug Thompson works with major brands, retailers and enterprises on deploying proximity-based experiences and writes about Bluetooth LE and iBeacon at BEEKn.net.
Zach Dunn is co-founder at One Mighty Roar, a company in Boston that makes products to organize shared experiences across physical and digital spaces.
Rachel Law is co-founder of Interface Foundry, a mobile app and hardware framework that lets you browse and build secure geo-fenced data bubbles in physical places and times.
Robert Cheetham is the founder and CEO of Azavea, a B Corporation that creates civic geospatial software and data analytics related to land, water and people.
Jonathan Levy is a cartographic designer who has worked with clients such as the Antenna International, New York Observer, Airbnb, TED, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.
Andrew Kemendo is the founder of Visidraft, which brings CAD-based AR to the architecture, construction and engineering industries.
Vishal Kumar is Lead Sales Engineer at Bug Labs, a company that helps organizations innovate in the rapidly-growing Internet of Things market.
Ori Inbar is the co-founder and CEO of AugmentedReality.org, a global non-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing augmented reality (AR).
Pete Wassell is the founder and CEO of Augmate, a platform that provides the essential building blocks necessary to create customizable and scalable digital eyewear business efficiency solutions.
Melvin Wilson is Head of Strategy at IPG Media Lab, where marketers and Interpublic's agencies go to discover and learn about their future.
Randy Meech is CEO of Mapzen, a NYC-based mapping company focused on building mobile mapping applications exclusively with open data and tools.