Geography of Kingston, Ontario: Parks in Kingston, Ontario, Lake Ontario Park, Garden Island, Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area
Kipp Jones is Chief Architect and Privacy Czar of Skyhook, the worldwide leader in location positioning, context and intelligence.
Andy Hunter is the co-founder and CEO of Broadcastr, a Brooklyn-based startup creating a platform for geo-targeted multimedia distribution and discovery on mobile devices.
Sam Wear is Assistant CIO of Westchester County GIS, a long time ESRI shop that in recent years has focused on the development and publishing of map services which can be used in a wide range of viewers and web applications.
Drew Volpe is co-founder and CTO of Locately, a location-based consumer insights platform.
Lee Karchawer is National Sales Manager at Placecast, the global leader in location-based marketing and loyalty programs for mobile operators, payments companies and brands.
Mike Gamaroff is founder of LifeSynk, a social media management platform enabling targeted word-of-mouth brand messaging from physical location to online social networks using NFC, RFID and QR.
Chaz Mee is co-founder and CEO of Brouha, an RFID based presence aware mobile marketing network.
David Shim is the founder and CEO of Placed, a location analytics company.
Sheldon Reich is Vice President of Solutions at CYBRA Corporation, the developer of EdgeMagic integrated RFID control software and MarkMagic bar code labels, RFID tags, and electronic forms software.
David Petersen is CEO of Sense Networks, a New York-based company that applies big science to mobile location data for predictive analytics in advertising.
Jack Mason leads strategic programs at IBM Global Business Services, with a focus today on the Smarter Planet agenda and related technology trends such as social business and the Internet of Things.
Alexander Muse is the CEO of ShopSavvy, the world's most popular mobile shopping assistant for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Nokia.
Raj Singh serves as a Director of Interoperability Programs for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and runs their open points of interest database project.
Darrin Clement is the Founder and CEO of Maponics, which builds and defines polygons such as neighborhood boundaries, ZIP Codes, and school attendance zones that are meaningful at the local level.
Brett Martin is co-founder and CEO of Sonar, a location-based mobile application that leverages social network data to reveal hidden connections and interests you share with the people nearby.
Hans Scharler is the co-founder of ioBridge, an Internet of Things application platform that makes it simple and cost-effective to Internet-enable devices and products.
Joel Natividad is co-founder and CEO of Ontodia, a Web 3.0 startup focused on 'smarter cities' that federates Big, Open Data, correlating it to create high-resolution Linked Answers about the Urban environment.
Keith Fiore is co-founder and CEO of Zenplaya, a location-based mobile marketing and commerce platform. Zenplaya activates mobile storefronts based on physical location.
Michael Heimbinder is the founder and executive director of HabitatMap and environmental data platform AirCasting.