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The Restless Genius’s Perspective on the Next Technology Transformation

The Internet of Things will transform how we connect with products, companies and each other. It is the next turn of the crank in the evolution of technology, which has previously delivered improvements in people’s lives in a way that seemed impossible just years earlier.

Xively at O’Reilly Solid Conference, June 23 – 25 in San Francisco, CA

We’re always looking for new ways to demonstrate the value of a connected business. If you’re headed to the O’Reilly Solid Conference in San Francisco next week, stop by booth #316 to learn how our platform bundles hardware and software into a solution, as shown by our solar energy demo. This demo will highlight how the Xively platform securely connects and manages data from connected products. Components include:

Risky business: how secure are your connected products?

The Internet of Things brings a great opportunity to create connected products and deliver new value for your customers. However, it also opens up dramatic new challenges with regards to security. Take our assessment below to evaluate your level of risk and be entered to win an Apple Watch.

How Will the Internet of Things Impact Your Business?

The hype around the Internet of Things seems to be as higher than ever over the past year (according to Gartner at least) but as with any major transformation there will be early adopters and followers. There are numerous early examples showing the impact of the IoT as more companies focus on creating connected products. From lighting companies to printing companies more and more businesses are connecting to service their customers and learn from those new data streams.

Part 2 of 5: The Evolution of Xively

This is Part 2 of 5 in the” Evolution of Xively” blog series

Xively-Powered Cookie Truck Invades Copley Square

Discover how the Cookie Monstah manages customer demand of their cookies and ice cream products by internet-enabling their Boston food truck with Xively on Tuesday, May 5!