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Product Designers — Start Your IoT Engines

As I reflect on my time at SOLIDWORKS WORLD last week, I feel a lot of things.  Gratitude for SOLIDWORKS for hosting us, pride for our team pulling together an amazing showing at the event, and excitement to see how truly front and center IoT was this year.

SOLIDWORKS WORLD: Bringing the IoT to Life

As I sit here in the press room of the Omni Hotel looking out onto the crisp blue sky and Dallas skyline I am reflecting on the first few days of SOLIDWORKS World 2016.   This is SOLIDWORKS’ 18th annual conference dedicated to the 3D design and engineering community. The speakers at the event are fantastic (big shout out to my colleague Mario Finocchiaro who held an excellent session on designing for the IoT), the exhibitors are showcasing some amazing innovations, and the …

Designing Products for the IoT? Don’t Go it Alone

It goes without saying that the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to be the biggest technology shift since the Internet.  But like the early days of the Internet, the IoT puts a big question mark in the minds of product developers and managers everywhere.   The uncertainty is not about the opportunity and possibilities of connected products, but rather how to cross the gap between the promise of the IoT and actually delivering business value.  Add on competitive pressure to …

Resetting the Digital You

A year ago I moved into a new house that we completely renovated. It was an exciting clean slate and we could do everything the “right” way. It also gave the inner nerd in me the chance to build a smart home from the ground up. The possibilities were endless.

TGIX Blog – January 15, 2016

Trying to stay on top of what’s hot in tech’s most hyped market? TGIX cuts through the clutter to give you an easy one-stop-shop for the biggest, best and most intriguing IoT stories of the past week.

CES in the Era of IoT

As I sit here in McCarran Airport after 3 whirlwind days at CES I am blown away by what I have experienced. This is my 3rd year going to CES and each year the hype around connected products and the IoT seems to grow exponentially.  This year did not disappoint.  The sheer number of connected products at CES was…well, overwhelming to say the least.  Nearly everything and anything was “connected”.  Some of which even begged the question — how far do we …