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Xively Ushers in the Future, Salutes the IoT Pioneers of the Past

Over the last few years, countless pioneers have been working hard to make the IoT work for their companies.   To those IoT innovators (many of which are our customers), we salute you!  Like Lewis and Clark, these early adopters saw the possibilities, started their exploration and learned countless lessons about how to make their dreams a reality.  But just as with most pioneers, early adopters of the IoT were left to plan for and navigate the complex journey on their own …

Making Identity Management in the IoT Possible

Security is a constant concern in every facet of technology and this is especially true for the IoT.  Rarely does a week (or even a day) go by that some sort of security breach isn’t front page news.  Any company, at any time, can be in the victim of a breach.  These days it’s not “if” it happens, but more like “when”.  The IoT is opening up a whole new universe of possibilities, but is also opening up a ton of questions and speculation …

Guest Blog: Is the IoT a Marketer’s Dream Source of Customer Insight?

If you Google the definition for the Internet of Things (IoT), in nearly every search result, you will find it described as a “network of physical objects”. And yet, as was well articulated in Ken Grady’s recent guest blog , perhaps the real opportunity and end-game of the IoT era is the creation of relationships, and not just between these physical objects, but rather with the customers or users of them.  Regardless of what industry you work in, most of us get fixated on …

Nest Shuts Down Revolv – What that Means for the IoT

Much of the IoT news cycle this week is focused on Nest’s decision to shut down Revolv – the smart home hub start-up it acquired a few years ago.  There is a lot of controversy around this decision and it got me thinking about what this means for the IoT as a whole.

Xively Adds Device Presence

The day to day management of thousands of connected products can be a tall order. One of the most important pieces of information to know is if a specific device or user is online or offline. Are they connected to the service? Where are they connected from? When was the last time they were connected? These are common questions in everything from a L1 support case to advanced troubleshooting for a high value customer.