ThingWorx - Internet of Things and M2M Application Platform

Getting Started with Windows Smartphones

In this tutorial you will use the sensors on your Windows phone to send data to your ThingWorx hosted instance and display it in a pre-built ThingWorx Mashup. The purpose of this project is to let you quickly connect a sensor, or set of sensors, to a ThingWorx Mashupused to display that data. This project also removes the need for familiarity with electronics or programming. Later you can make modifications such as adding additional sensors, modifying the Mashup, creating an alert or using the …

Narrowing the process of application selection and prioritization using feasibility studies

The process of identifying new and innovative uses of the Internet of Things (IoT) within the enterprise should be unrestrained and limited only by creativity. Depending on the openness of the process within an enterprise, everyone and anyone should contribute ideas. Encouraging novel and unique ideas is a way of creating new opportunities for the business and re-energising older products or services, enabled with new technology.